Joomla Vs WordPress Comparison: Standards and Advantages

I have noticed that since WordPress is usually the most famous content management system (CMS), people tend to think it is their only best option.

Of course, WordPress is an excellent CMS and one of the best platforms for websites. This is indisputable. However, WordPress is not the only one. Another amazing CMS is Joomla, these two can be compared side by side based on the similar features they provide customers. 

If you are looking to find the perfect open source CMS to build or move your website, bear with me because I compare these two great platforms. 

The most important similarity between Joomla and WordPress is that they are both open source CMS and they are not independent software. Joomla and WordPress must be installed on a web server to run, and this web server must be provided by a third company of your choice. Therefore, in this direction, they both need to seek from you own network network connection hosting and CMS hosting, in order to have a functional website. 

When it comes to differences, one of them is how these platforms are launched. Joomla has always been a CMS designed to serve portal websites. On the other hand, WordPress was originally a blog-centric platform. 

Both of them are able to create any type of website now. When you want to build a new website, the most important differences that may play an important role in the selection are as follows: 

Joomla is a platform that focuses more on web development. In other words, you need developers who are proficient in web software configuration and handling all technical aspects of these processes. On the other hand, the way WordPress is set up is more beginner friendly, and even people without advanced technical knowledge can find their way around setting up and maintaining a website. 

WordPress has more automated features in all configuration and installation processes, while Joomla does not provide a hands-free method, but you must install the process yourself.